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The Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA


"The Canons of the Church"



Book One: Name, Seal, Mission, Ecclesial Orientation


 Title 1. Name, National Church Office, Seal, Mission   1-2-3

Title 2.  Ecclesial Tradition    4-5



Book Two:  Beliefs, Liturgy, Sacraments


Title 1.  Belief Statements                6

Title 2.  Liturgy                                  7-8-9

Title 3.  The Sacraments:  Matter, Form, Minister, Norms.


 Chapter One.  The Sacrament of Baptism                             10-11

Chapter Two.  The Sacrament of the Eucharist (Mass)         12-13-14-15

Chapter Three.  Sacrament of Penance (Confession)           16-17-18-19

Chapter Four:  The Sacrament of Confirmation                       20-21

Chapter Five:   The Sacrament of Marriage                            22-23-24-25-26-27

Chapter Six. The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick           28-29-30      

Chapter Seven. The Sacrament of Holy Orders                           31-32-33-34-35-36-37



Book ThreeThe Laity


Title One: Membership in the Church            38-39-40

Title Two: The Rights and Obligations of the Christian Faithful


Article One:  Rights and Obligations within the Church Community         41

Article Two:  Rights and Obligations within the Civil Community                      42

Article Three:  The Rights and Obligations of all Christian Married Persons         43



Book FourThe Clergy


Title One:  Membership and Spiritual Endorsement of Clergy      44


Chapter One:  The prerequisites for Spiritual Endorsement
                              of a cleric by this Church                                                            45-46

Chapter Two:  The Ministry Council's Relationship to the Cleric, the Church,
and requirements of  State and Federal Law.


Article One:  The Cleric and the Ministry Council.       47-48-49

Article Two:  Responsibility of  the Ministry Council board members, clergy,

                        and participants at any job or volunteer level to report

                        physical, sexual, or mental abuse.                                 50

Article Three:  Regarding disputes and dysfunctional relationships
between the cleric and ministry's Board of Directors            51

Article Four: Regarding actual or threatened litigation. 52

Article Five:  The church's role in assigning and replacing

                          clergy for Ministries.                                       53


(Canon 54 - Blank)
(Canon 55 - Blank)


Title Two:  Ecclesiastical Titles and Descriptions          56

Title Three: General Norms for Clergy                       


Article One:  Jurisdictional Relationship of Clergy Members of this Church.         57-58

Article Two: Requirements for Incardination and Clerical Candidacy            59-60-61

Article Three:  Clerical Attire                                                                                            62

Article Four:  Civil Incorporation of Ministries; Annual Ministry Report           63-64

Article Five:  Lawsuits  involving clergy or ministries                                                   65

Article Six:  Mandatory Reporting of Physical or Mental Abuse of Minors             66

Article Seven:  Maintenance of Sacramental Records                                                     67

Article Eight:  Retirement of Clergypersons                                                                    68

Article Nine:  Formal Participation in the Rites of Other Churches                             69


Title Four:  Norms for Bishops


Article One. Duties and Responsibilities of Bishops                                             70

Article Two:  Election of Bishops                                                                      71-72

Article Three:  Incardination of Bishops.                                                               73


Title Five:  Norms For the Council of Bishops.


Article One:  Meetings of the Council of Bishops.         74

Article Two:  Membership of the Council of Bishops                          75

Article Three:  Agenda for the Council of Bishops Annual Meeting   76-77

 Article Four:  Voting in the Council of Bishops Meetings                   78-79-80

Article Five:  Council of Bishops Meeting Reports and Promulgation          81


Title Six:  Norms For the Presiding Bishop


Article One:  Election, Term of Office, and Removal of the Presiding Bishop  82-83

Article Two:  Role of Presiding Bishop                           84-85



Title Six:  Norms For Priests


Article One:   Duties and Responsibilities of Priests                 86

Article Two:   Spiritual Endorsement (Faculties) Granted to Priests.  87



Title Seven:  Norms For Deacons and Subdeacons


Article One:   Duties and Responsibilities of Deacons and Subdeacons       88

Article Two:   Spiritual Endorsement (Faculties) Granted to Deacons   89

Article Three:   Spiritual Endorsement (Faculties) Granted to Subdeacons 90


Title Eight:  Norms For Minor Orders and Commissioned Church Ministers


Article One:   Duties and Responsibilities of Porters, Lectors and Acolytes
and Commissioned Ministers.                              91



Title Nine:  Norms for Clergy Candidates                  92


Title Ten:  Discipline and Dismissal of Clergy


Article One: Lines of Disciplinary Authority         93-94

Article Two: Stages of Clerical Discipline          95-96-97-98

Article Three: Appeal Process and Hearing by the Council of Bishops   97-98



Book FiveChurch Authority and Structure


Title 1.  Authority in the Church


Chapter One:  Hierarchical Authority: Spiritual and Civil                   99

Chapter Two:  Authority of the Canons of the Church     100-101-102                               

Chapter Three:  Authority of the Council of Bishops   103-104-105

Chapter Four:  Standing Committees Assisting the Council of Bishops     106 


Chapter Five:    Synods:  Purpose, Attendance, Voting


Article One:  - Purpose of Synods        107-108

Article Two:  Attendance at Synods        109

Article Three:  Voting at Synods                          110


Title 2. Jurisdictional Designations.            111-112


Book SixChurch Finances ...........113-114-115

Support of Church: clergy dues; congregant donations;
tithe to dioceses and National Church.

Church corporations By-Laws; employee compensation;
retirement benefit;
termination of employmet benefits obligation. 114

Standards of accountability and annual financial reports. 115


Book Seven:  Inter-Communion Agreements


Title 1.   Inter-communion with Other Christians           116




Book Eight: Appendix


Appendix A: Lines of Apostolic Succession


Appendix B:  Ratification and Revision History of this Document


Appendix C:  ECC+USA Commentary of Understanding

regarding the Declaration of Utrecht and the Fourteen Theses of the Old Catholic Church


Appendix D:  (vacant; no document)



Appendix E:  "Protecting God's People" Policy