+ Our Mission +
The mission of this Church
is fulfilled
in ministering to all people
by preaching the Word of God,
offering the Seven Sacraments
of the Church,
and witnessing Christ's
mercy and love
using an ecumenical approach
that maintains APOSTOLIC tradition.


Quick Links to Our Congregations
Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church - St. Louis, MO

Sacred Cross Oratory - New Albany, IN




each of our ministries is
in the catholic faith tradition.

Frequently asked

I used to be Catholic,
but I do not feel welcome there any more.
Visit us, you will feel welcomed
and you will still be Catholic.

I am an Evangelical Christian;
will I find Jesus in your church?

Yes, in welcoming clergy, ministries, and congregations.

My significant other and I are gay,
will we be welcome in your church?
Yes, you will feel welcome with us.

Does your church bless same gender marriages?
Yes, contact one of our clergy persons.


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  • Sacred Cross Oratory, Indiana
  • St. Benedict Oratory, Missouri
  • Wedding, Innsbrook Chapel, Missouri
  • St. Francis Day Animal Blessing, St. Louis
  • Ordinations, 2003 Synod
  • 2012 Synod
  • 60th Wedding Anniversity, Sts Peter & Paul
  • 2002 Synod
  • Baptism, Sts. Peter & Paul
  • Bishop David, 2013 Synod
  • Bishop Tom, 2013 Synod
  • Mass, 2002 Synod
  • Concelebrated Mass, 2012 Synod.
  • Throat Blessings, Feast of St. Blaise.
  • Mass, Sacred Cross Oratory, Indiana
  • Bishop Carl, Deacons Imani & Deacon Lyn
  • Bishop Tom, 2014 Synod Liturgy
  • Mass, Sacred Cross before building new church.
  • Greeting of Peace
  • Wedding in Park, Missouri
  • Ordinations, 2002 Synod
  • Hermit Ministry
  • Entrance Procession for the Sacred Liturgy
  • Human Trafficking Presentation, 2014 Synod
  • Ordination Cake; an ECC+USA tradition.
  • Baptism, Sacred Cross.
  • Father Bob presents, 2013 Synod.
  • Outdoor Mass, 2004 Synod.
  • Bishop Tom delivers homily.
  • Concelebrated 2013 Synod Mass
  • Bishop Carl presents Antimension to new congregation.
  • 2005 Synod Session
  • Lighting of Easter Candle at Sacred Cross
  • 2013 Synod Buffet Dinner
  • Healing Service, 2013 Synod.
  • 2004 Synod Mass at Monte Cassino, Indiana
  • 2012 Synod Attendees.
  • Prayer Service.

I used to be Catholic, but I do not feel welcome there any more.
Visit us, you will feel welcomed and you will still be Catholic.


The Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA is
an Alternative Catholic Community in the Apostolic Tradition
that celebrates the SEVEN Sacraments,
and the Sacred Liturgy of the Eucharist (Mass).
and honors Mary and the Saints within the Catholic FAITH tradition.

We invite former RCC priests, seminarians,
and lay men and women with Religious Education backgrounds
and any persons who may be interested in ministry in this Church
to contact our Presiding Bishop at

Holy Orders (diaconate, priesthood, episcopacy)
are open to both men and women.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the financial
nor the personnel resources to expand our jurisdiction
beyond the United States of America.

Meet our clergy at: ECC+USA Clergy.


2018 Synod + Liturgy of the Mass, Final Blessing at Maronite Liturgy.
Sacred Cross Oratory in New Albany, Indiana


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