We believe in the Holy Trinity.
We believe that Jesus is the Christ, that he is God, and that he is
our personal savior.

We believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Jesus,
worthy of honor, and worthy of liturgical observance and intercession in
We believe in the inerrancy and divine inspiration of Holy

We believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
We believe in the three historic creeds:
Nicene, Apostles, and Athanasian.
We believe and accept the doctrines of the Seven Early Church
Ecumenical Councils
of the undivided catholic church.
We believe and appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the Early
Church Fathers.

We believe in the seven sacraments of the Church:
Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Anointing and Prayers for the
Sick, Confession --Reconciliation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.
We believe that Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist, body and
blood under the appearance of bread and wine.
We believe in and our clergy share in the Apostolic Succession of
Holy Orders.

(All Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA bishops are consecrated in the Vilatte, Utrecht,
and Duarté-Costa lines of Apostolic Succession.)

We believe that all Holy Orders (bishops, priests, and deacons)
are open to both men and women.
We believe that celibacy for those in Holy Orders is a personal

We believe in the sanctity of marriage as a life long commitment
between a man and woman
. We also believe that within certain
marriages there may be circumstances or conditions that make life within
that relationship unbearable or dangerous and thus divorce becomes
appropriate or even necessary.
Realizing that Jesus is merciful and it
is he alone who understands fully the reality of any human
decision, the church welcomes to all the sacraments those who
have been divorced and/or remarried.

We believe that all humankind is called to chastity and sexual
purity within their state in life.

We believe that contraception is a personal decision of the married

We believe that all life is sacred. We believe that abortion and
euthanasia are the taking of human life.
We believe that the Gospel commandment to "love others as we
love ourselves" is the key to living the Christian life
and it manifests
itself in global concern for all peoples, patriotism for one's nation, good
citizenship, and responsible stewardship of our planet.