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The emphasis in one's hermitage is on the fact that in solitary prayer and meditation one gets deeper into the root of things, comes to see self more clearly as in the eyes of God, realizes more perfectly the real nature of one's need for grace and for the Holy Spirit and comes to a more ardent love of Jesus Crucified.

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The eremitism of
St. Francis
and his followers
is deeply evangelical
and remains always open to the world,
while recognizing
the need to maintain a certain
distance and perspective,
a freedom that keeps one from
being submerged in active cares
and devoured
by the claims of exhausting work.


A Hermit's Chapel
A Sacred Place to Pray.

Thoughts lifted from the writings of Thomas Merton in Contemplation in a World of Action. (1955)

These considerations might be useful to those whose imaginations and hopes are still able to be stirred by the thought of solitude, and of its important place in every form of the religious and apostolic life, in every age, especially our own.

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