Loci Ministries

Francis' religious movement, now more than 800 years old, is still attractive. Because of its simplicity and because the ECC+USA desires to diversify its ministerial outreach we have created Loci Ministries. Francis spent much time in solitude and contemplation in dwellings he referred to as Loci. (Loci is Latin for "places"; pronounced "lo-chi".)

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The eremitical and solitary aspect of Francis' movement has inspired us to deepen and enlarge our ministerial vision. Many know Francis as a brother to creatures but all too often this is a simplistic, pietistic and romanticized version of the Saint. He was an earthy mystic, a pilgrim and stranger, not a plastic saint or a gypsy and tourist.

His life focused on the crucified Christ and it was a life full of suffering and deprivation. Not only did his body undergo great pain but his soul and spirit also underwent a sort of martyrdom, the martyrdom of contemplation.

It is this witness, this martyrdom of contemplation that we hope to honor, spawn and foster in Loci ministries as one part of our diverse outreach to minister to the little ones in our midst.

There are poor, ill, and lonely individuals who need our embrace. But it is these very poor, ill and lonely ones in our midst who are also the best candidates to share in the martyrdom of contemplation.

We would like to invite those who feel called to associate themselves with us in this ministry. We have adapted the rule for hermits of St. Francis as a simple guide for our solitaries. Yet the true rule and the spirituality of each solitary depend on “the Spirit of the Lord and His holy operation.” In a word, each individual solitary develops his or her own spiritual program.

It is the hope of the ECC+USA to help facilitate a common-union and some communication among our solitaries. For the broader ministries of the ECC+USA to know that we have a community of contemplative prayer companions offering their prayers, contemplation and sufferings in an intentional agreement (where two or more agree in prayer) would give us conviction and solace.


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