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"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8










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The Order of St. Basil is an Orthodox Catholic Congregation of men and women living  under a Rule of Life, within the catholic faith. We are a Mission Chapel based Order. The Basilian Congregation consists of the elderly, living in a Healthcare Facility, and individuals who have been ordained to the Minor and Major Orders. who join their daily prayers and devotions as they draw closer to Christ in their every day lives. The Order of St. Basil respects Celtic monastic tradition and spirituality.

St. Andrew  Mission Chapel is the center for the life of the Order of St. Basil. It is here that God is worshipped in the Divine Liturgy and the Eucharist. The vision of the Order of St. Basil is to facilitate  elderly Christians living within a Healthcare Facility to learn to draw closer to Jesus in their everyday lives.

Our Order is open to the elderly and to individuals who have been ordained to the Minor and Major Orders. We foster the concept of leading a visible Christian life, reflecting Jesus within the world, outside the walls of a monastery. We strive to live out our vows and our promises according to our Rule of Life.

In the early Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Church, nearly all establishments were monastic, that is to say, that  "parish" churches were usually associated with a monastery. In monasticism, as in so much else, the Celtic Church did things its own way. Celibacy was not universal among monastics, even those in Holy Orders. Monasteries were viewed as a family or clan, a manaig community.

The Order of St. Basil is an autocephalous religious order formed within the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA.  We are a Celtic manaig monastic model. We are non-hierarchical,  priests and deacons are equal to each other, with difference only in privilege and function.

As a Celtic Order we subscribe to the ancient manaig principle that recognizes those in the covenant of marriage and those who are single and choose to be celibate as being equally a holy path to righteousness. The manaig principle of the Celtic structure recognized the importance of the non-ordained married members and ordained persons as equal in all things, save sacramental function, and critical for the support and work of the gospel mission. 

On August 23, 2000, the Order of St. Basil was founded and received its Charter from an Old Catholic Bishop.  At the founding of the Order, the Order's Rule of life was developed. By so doing, we were following the example of several other catholic communities.

Our Rule of Life helps an individual in leading a balanced life of work, study, and prayer. It is a balance we seek to share. Our Rule of Life is based on the gospel teachings and is noted for its simplicity and moderation.

There are two levels of orders.

The First Order is "Cappadocian Friars and Sisters." 
Open to those ordained in Minor and Major Orders.
One must profess vows to enter.

The Second Order is "Companion of St. Basil."
This is a special membership exclusively for the elderly.

Our Motto

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8


"In the Order of St. Basil, we are called to seek out Jesus in everyday life and activity and to respond to Him in prayer and ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit."                                       

Statement by    
+Rev. Roland D. Jacques, OSB
Bishop-Abbot of the Order of St.Basil

[click HERE for Bishop Jacques' biography.]

Mass Times


Bolster Heights Health Care Facility

Auburn, Maine

Archive pictures from this health care facility.
Bishop Roland no longer serves at this facility due to personal health issues.


Persons interested in the Order of St. Basil
may contact Abbot Roland at: 

St. Nicholas Chancery





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