St. Francis of Assisi Blessing of Animals
Sts. Peter and Paul Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA
Creve Coeur, Missouri
October 4, 2009


  Animals arriving for the blessing service. Owners and Animals Await the Blessing.  
  The Service Begins. Father Bob reads from Sacred Scripture. Fr. Bob offers the prayer of Blessing.  
  (l-r) Bentley, Katie, Chester, Baylor and Madison await their blessing. (l-r) Leo and his mother, Acolyte Rick and Sammy and Beth. (l-r) Madison, Bentley, Katie, Baylor, Chester, and the Blantons.  
  Alexander (l) and Leo (r) and their owners. Colby and Daisy receive their blessing. Erlaine, Tracey and Spencer.  


  Jackson. Jackson, Sammy & Russell with their Owners. Leo and his owners await his blessing.  
  Lucy, her parents and Colby and Daisy's Mom. Miss Lucy. Russell and his owner.  
  Spencer and Tracey Await their Blessing. Sammy prepares for his blessing. Zena and her owner wait patiently.  
      Paw texture from