Deacon Imani's Ordination
St. Thomas Catholic Church, ECC+USA
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 12, 2010

left to right






Bishop Bob begins
the Liturgy:
"Peace be with you."


Father Pete
delivers the

The Chancellor
calls Imani to the Sacred Diaconate.


"I am here."

Bishop Bob
and the congregation
call upon the Saints of Heaven to help this soon to be deacon in her new ministry of service to God' people.

Bishop Bob lays hands
on Imani ordaining her a deacon of the Catholic Faith.

"Peace be with you."
"And with your spirit."


The new deacon assists the bishop as the Liturgy continues with the Offertory.

Deacon Imani presents the cup of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to the acolytes.


The new deacon purifies the sacred vessels after Communion.

Deacons Orsburn,
Imani, and Martin.


The St. Thomas Church clergy with
their bishop.

Celebration time: Bishop Bob leads the blessing before dinner.


Deacon Imani
prepares her cake under watchful eyes.