Liturgical Highlights
of the
2008 Joint Synod
Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA and The Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit

October 24-26, 2008

At the Friday evening
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Bishop Carl blessed
and installed
Fr. Tom as the first
Prior of the first
St. Benedict

Prior Father Tom
receives the
Oblation of the Order's
first Oblate,
presents her with
a copy of the
Holy Rule of
St. Benedict.

Bishop David begins the Rite for Ordination of Acolyte/Lector Robert.
In the rite of conferral of the Minor Order of Lector, Bishop David presents the Lectionary to the new Lector.

The Concordat of
Full Communion
between the Old Catholic
Diocese of the Holy Spirit and the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA is signed and sealed by Bishops Michael and David as Presiding Bishops of these two Churches.

Founding Bishop
signs the Concordat.


Clergy and Laity
add their signatures
to the Concordat.
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to read the
Priests from the Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit and the ECC+USA gather around the Holy Altar to renew their commitment to priestly service.