16th Annual Synod
Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA
St. Louis, Missouri
October 21-23, 2016


  • 16th Annual Synod.
  • Memorial Liturgy for Father Jeremiah.
  • To Jesus through Mary: August 15, 2016.
  • I rejoiced when I heard them say...
  • we will go up to the house of the Lord. Ps. 122.
  • May the angels lead you into paradise.
  • Priesthood Ordination Liturgy.
  • Priest-elect Wayne Oppel.
  • Deacon Imani, Bishop Carl, Subdeacon Richard
  • Bishops David and Tom.
  • First Reading by Sister Sara.
  • ...unite yourself more closely every day to Christ.
  •  A priest forever.
  • Hunter & Kathy return after bringing vestments to bishop.
  • The Cup that makes us one in Christ.
  • Father's family receives his first priestly blessing.
  • Fr. Wayne's First Mass ~ Penitential Rite.
  • Deacon Lyn delivers the Homily.
  • Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
  • The Liturgy for the Consecration of a Bishop
  • Offertory Gifts ready for Mass to begin.
  • Family and Friends of the Bishop-elect.
  • Father Bill welcomes all to Sts. Peter and Paul.
  • Processional:  Come Holy Spirit
  • Bishop-elect Robert Catlett in Presbyterium.
  • Co-consecrators: Bishops Carl, Tom, and David.
  • Laying on of Hands ~ Bishop Carl Swaringim
  • ~ Bishop Thomas Coover.
  • ~ Bishop David Kocka.
  • Bishops recite Prayer of Consecration.
  • Bishop Carl invests new bishop with miter.
  • Bishop Robert is presented to the congregation.
  • Bishops Tom, Carl, Robert, and David.
  • Clergy called to serve; not to be served.


Synod Theme:

A Covenant with God
the Church ... People of the Covenant

"I will walk among you and be your God,
and you will be my people."
Leviticus 26:12