+ 2019 Synod Agenda & Participants +

“Mariology 101: What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary”

“Blessed are you among women; and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”
(Luke 1:42)


Our Newest Priests preside at the three Synod Masses.

Processional: (l to r) SD Robert, Father Luis, SD Richard

Father Norm prays the Canon of the Mass

Father Steve invites all to pray the "Our Father."

"We will surround your altar, O God, giving praise."


Homilists for the Synod Masses.

(Friday) Feast of St. Luke: Father Tom Whitehead

(Saturday) Mass in honor of Mary, Mother of God: Bishop Carl Swaringim

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Presiding Bishop Robert Catlett


"Mariology 101: What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary."


Bishop Thomas Coover (Scriptural & Doctrinal)

Father Luis Gutierrez (Cultural Devotion to Mary)

Rosann Swaringim (Rosary Centered Religious Life)


Liturgical Hymns led by our multitalented Presiding Bishop.


Synod Participants

Photos by Sts Peter and Paul Parishioner Marie Harbers