+ Application for Clergy Candidates +

Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA

Please note: this is a sample application for your review in your discernment process.

Application is subject to change without notice.

The Vocations Director will send you an application and mailing procedure once your have decided to proceed
with application for clerical membership.

Let’s get acquainted.  We would like to know more about you, so that we can launch our relationship on the right foot.  The following questions are not designed to “Test” you, rather their purpose is to acquaint us with you.  This will also give us an idea of how you express yourself and communicate your feelings.  We look forward to hearing from you.

All information will be kept confidential, and made available only to Church Officials in the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA who are considering your application  This is an important step for you and we would hope that you will take your time in completing this personal inventory.  It will also be an interesting document for you to reflect upon in the years to come.  Our prayers are with you.  (If more space is needed, please attach separate sheets.)

Please complete this document on your computer or typewriter (handwritten responses are most often too difficult to read)  and send us (US Mail) an original signed copy.

Purpose:    What do you seek from this church?  ___________________________
Ordination to the order of Porter, Acolyte, Lector, Subdeacon, Deacon, Priest.

Personal History





City, State, Zip


Home Telephone                                         email address:

Date and Place of Birth                        Citizenship,            

Marital Status:     Single         Married      Divorced

If married, please give the date of this marriage.
If divorced, please give marriage and divorce date.

Name of Spouse                                              

Ages of Children

Do you hold full time employment?

If not, how do you financially support yourself and your dependents (if any)?



High School & Graduation Date

Other schools:  Please list all academic institutions:  trade, professional, colleges, universities, and graduate schools.  Give location, major or objective of program, dates of enrollment, degree, and date degree awarded.

Please list all non-academic education, such as vocational training programs, military training programs, and supplementary training.

Please list all honorary degrees, honors, distinctions, and special recognitions.

Religious History

Please list religious affiliations and dates, most recent first.


Please list denomination, location and dates of the following:




Please characterize in brief your present spiritual orientation and religious outlook.

Please list official church positions you have held, Church denomination, location and dates.

How did you learn about the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA?

Why do you feel the ECC+USA is the church in which you are called

to pursue ministry? 

Professional History

Employment history (beginning with most recent)

Please list significant professional accomplishments.

Please list professional skills you feel will be of benefit to your ministry.


Personal Life 

Please list your activities outside of your professional life, such as sports and hobbies.

Please describe your state of health.

Please name the three people whom you most admire and state why.

Please list any books you enjoyed reading and tell why you enjoyed them.

Please list two accomplishments in your life of which you are proud and why.

Please give your three top values, that is, what motivates you?

Please tell us about your spirituality and search for meaning.

Please list two profound influences in shaping your life – people, places, ideas, etc.    [If people, different than those listed above that you admire.]

Is there any reason why the church might be offended, embarrassed or scandalized by your current or past behavior?

Have you ever been arrested?  Describe.  Convicted of any crime?  Describe.

[Note that before you are accepted for candidacy, you will need to provide a police record check (report) based on fingerprints from your state highway patrol department. ]

Have you ever had visions or heard voices that others have not heard?  Explain.

Do you feel God is calling you to ministry?

What parts of clerical ministry are most attractive to you?  Preaching, liturgy, counseling (spiritual direction), hospital ministry, etc.

List two of your most significant role models and tell why, in addition to those listed in any above question, please.

How have you dealt with your own sexuality?  How do you view your sexuality in light of scripture and God’s plan as revealed in scripture?

Please enclose a picture of yourself.

One of our priests will telephone you to follow up on this questionnaire.  Please give a telephone number and the day(s) and time(s) when you are usually available for about a 20-30 minute conversation.

Thank you for completing this document.   If you have any questions about this questionnaire or Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA, please email us at bishopcarl@ecc-usa.org.


+ Statement of Candidate +

I understand and approve that the above information which I have supplied about myself will be used by ECC+USA church officials in determining the appropriateness of my future involvement with the ECC+USA as either a candidate for ordination or as a candidate for incardination.  I will supply additional information as requested in support of my statements and documentation.

I make this application and request for ECC+USA clerical membership freely.  Further, I understand and accept that clerical membership decisions are made by the House of Bishops based on its own investigation and the recommendation of the membership committee, and that the decision of the House of Bishops is without recourse or appeal.

I have carefully read the Church Law, Church History, and Belief Statements of the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA and have presented my questions and needs for clarification and have had them answered by the Presiding Bishop or clergyperson appointed by him to answer my questions.


+ Declarations of the Clergy Candidate Applicant +

I attest before God that the above information and all supportive information and documentation regarding my involvement in ministry which I have supplied to the Office of the Presiding Bishop by telephone, mail, FAX, or email is authentic, true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and ability.

I fully understand and acknowledge that the ECC+USA is in no way associated with or in any way a member church/organization of the Roman Catholic Church   Further, I promise that I will never present myself as a Roman Catholic clergyperson and will make every effort to clarify to all future contacts related to my ministry that I and the ECC+USA are not associated with the Roman Catholic Church.

I promise to work closely with my brothers and sisters in the ministry and laity of the ECC+USA for the good of the church and the glory of Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ.   I promise reverence and respect to the current and future Presiding Bishops of this church.

I understand that as a membership organization, the ECC+USA provides no compensation for my work as a cleric; I am not an employee of the ECC+USA.  Also, I understand, if ordained or incardinated as a cleric,  that the ECC+USA will grant spiritual endorsement (aka, faculties) for my ministry, but that I am responsible to the Parish Council or Board of Directors of my ministry in all legal (e.g., State law) aspects of ministry.  I understand that by Church Law I am required to establish my ministry as a non-profit corporation according to state law and to serve in an executive capacity for the Board of Directors.

I undertake this association as my lifelong commitment to the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA and will strive with the help of Almighty God to be faithful to the church’s beliefs, in following Church Law, and in service to the ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  I dedicate myself to lead a life of commitment and holiness so as to serve as an example of Christian virtue to my Bishop and fellow clergy, to the people the Lord sends me to serve, and to my family, my fellow workers, and the general public.     

Finally, I promise with the help of God to fulfill my clerical rights, responsibilities and obligations as provided in the Church Law of the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA. 

So, without reservation and relying on God’s help to do his holy will, I herewith freely request ordination or incardination as a ___________ (deacon, priest, or bishop) in the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA.


Original handwritten signature w/ date] in the presence of a notary public official.            Date


Please note: this is a sample application for your review in your discernment process.

Application is subject to change without notice.

The Vocations Director will send you an application and mailing procedure once your have decided to proceed
with application for clerical membership.

STATE OF _____________
County of ______________

                                                On this______ day of ___________, 20___, before me personally appeared___________________,  to me known to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he executed the same as his free act and deed.

                                                IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal in the County of _________, State of _________, the day and year first above written.


                                                                                                    Notary Public Seal

My Commission Expires:





Note to applicant:

(There is an application fee which partially covers the cost of your background report which will be ordered by the ECC+USA from an agency which provides such reports for churches. Contact the Presiding Bishop or the Vocation Director for the current application fee.)

The final step in this process will be to provide original signed copies  of the following documents (it is not acceptable to send these by email): 

• Baptism and Confirmation Certificates (copies of official copies are acceptable),

• three (3) letters of reference (if married, one from the candidate’s spouse) attesting  to the candidate’s character, worthiness, and aptitude for ministry,
(original signed letters)

•ministry coursework transcripts (copies are acceptable),

• Criminal Records Report through your state highway patrol based on fingerprints (original report – not copies),

• current résumé,  

• if ordained as a minister in any church: ordination certificates (copies are acceptable), 

 • if ordained as a cleric in any church: an original signed letter of good standing from the bishop of his/her current church organization or a written explanation on why that is not possible.


Permission to Obtain a Background Check
This is a two (2) page document.


I, the undersigned applicant (also known as “consumer”), authorize The Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA, through its independent contractor, LexisNexis or other background information agency, to procure background information (also known as a “consumer report and/or investigative consumer report”) about me, prior to, and at any time during, my service to the organization.  This report may include my driving history, including any traffic citations; a social security number verification; present and former addresses; criminal and civil history/records; and the national and state sex offender records.


I understand that I am entitled to a complete copy of any background information report of which I am the subject upon my request to The Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA or its background agency , if such is made within a reasonable time from the date it was produced.  I also understand that I may receive a written summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


A photocopy of this release form will be valid as an original hereof, even though said photocopy does not contain an original writing of my signature.




Signature: _______________________________________

Printed Name:  ____________________________________


Subscribed and sworn before me this _____ day of _________________, 20____.


Notary Signature ___________________________________


My commission expires ___________________


Notary Seal/Stamp:

Identifying Information for Background Information Agency (also known as “Consumer Reporting Agency”) – PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION


NAME:_________________       ___________          _____________

                           Last                               First                                  Middle


Other Names Used (alias, maiden, nickname): _______________________________________________




Current Address   (Dates:  from __________ to __________)


Street /P. O. Box ___________________________________


City ___________________State __________Zip Code __________


Former Address(es)   (Dates:  From __________ to __________ )


Street /P. O. Box ___________________________________


City ____________________State __________Zip Code __________


(List additional addresses on separate sheet.)


Social Security Number: ___________________________


Daytime Telephone Number: _________________________


Driver’s License Number: __________________________

State of Issuance: __________


Date of Birth: ______________             Gender___Male     ___Female


Year of Mutual Discernment

See Church Law, Chapter 4, Section 4, Paragraph D



The ECC+USA requires participation in a full year of “Mutual Discernment” of all ordination and incardination candidates. During this year, the candidate is expected to participate fully in Church activities, especially the annual Synod.  The goal for the candidate is to learn about and experience Church culture and polity.   The candidate’s “Year of Mutual Discernment” begins on the date of his/her first contact with the Vocation Director.


It is recommended that the candidate for ordination begin his/her ministry studies during this year.  Candidates for incardination receive conditioned incardination and Spiritual Endorsement to perform ministry during the discernment year.