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We welcome your admissions application to the Vilatte Theological Seminary program.  We commit ourselves to working with you in every way possible so that you have both a happy and successful experience in your seminary studies.  VTS has no physical location other than a home office and mailing address. Practicum courses which require actual attendance are taught in a rented facility, usually in the St. Louis area.  All other courses are Internet based, directed, self-paced studies courses where the instructor and student correspond by email and telephone. 

Fees are listed in the VTS Catalog posted on our website at 

There is an application fee of $25 for ECC+USA applicants or members and $35 for those not associated with the ECC+USA. Please make your check payable to VTS or Vilatte Theological Seminary and mail with your application to the address at the end of this application.


Please complete your application on your computer and email it to   If you have any questions, please email me at the above email address and if you wish a phone conversation, just provide a telephone number and indication of the best time to call you.

+Rev. Carl T. Swaringim  
President & Dean of Studies                           .


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What is your goal in taking courses through the VTS?


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Courses you plan to complete at VTS: 

Deacon Sequence (Indicate “all courses” or list specific courses.)

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If you are planning to take any of our complete sequence of courses for the Deaconate, Priesthood, or a degree program, would you like your previous coursework and/or previous church related experience to be applied toward transfer credit?   (Note: we do not charge for transfer credit, your application fee includes an assessment on applicability and acceptability of prior coursework and ministry related experience.) 


Yes, consider transfer credit.  

No, do not consider transfer credit.


Do you understand that all VTS coursework, except the Liturgical Practicum courses for Deacons and Priests, are Internet based courses where you work with one of our instructors at your own pace following a syllabus of readings, assignments, and testing?  The Liturgical Practicum courses are each taught only once a year in St. Louis, Missouri and only may be completed through on-site attendance.


Yes, I understand how courses are conducted through VTS.

No, I do not understand how courses are conducted and I will ask questions to help clarify.


Do you understand that the Vilatte Theological Seminary (VTS) is a denominational, theological seminary program that has been approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education to operate in the State of Missouri as an exempt proprietary educational program pursuant to Subsection 173.616.2 RSMo, and that VTS does not have accreditation from the Missouri Department of Higher Education nor from any of the regional accreditation agencies for Higher Education?


Yes, I understand. 

No, I have some questions about what this means.


Do you understand that the Vilatte Theological Seminary (VTS) offers degrees at the Master and Doctoral level which are religious or church (or sometimes referred to as Bible degrees) and are not the same as academic degrees (for example, MA, MS, PhD, or EdD) which you could receive at an academically accredited school of theology such as, for example, Saint Louis University or Fuller Theological Seminary.


Yes, I understand. 

No, I have some questions about what this means.

Do you have any questions?  If so, please send an email to  If you wish, give your telephone number and indicate the best time for you to receive a call.


God bless you for your interest in religious studies.  We will respond to your application as soon as possible (usually within a week after receipt of the application and record of prior coursework and degrees).



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