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Textbooks for all courses are subject to change prior to the beginning of the course.
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CH345 Church History Survey includes Old Catholic History 2

Required Texts:

Richard R. Lorsch, The many faces of faith: a guide to world religions and Christian traditions (Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2001) ISBN #0-8028-0521-3

C.B. Moss, The Old Catholic Movement ISBN# 0976402596

John P. Plummer & John R. Mabry, Who are the independent catholics? (Berkeley, CA, The Apocryphile Press, 2006 - ISBN 1-933993-00-6

Robert W. Caruso, The Old Catholic Church (Berkeley, CA, Aprocryphile Press, 2009) ISBN 1-933993-67-7