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LI364m The Liturgical Year 3

Required Texts:

Textbooks as listed in course syllabus available from the Dean of Studies.

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The Liturgical Year (Fragomeni)
Audio CD, MP3 Lecture Topic Titles
The Liturgical Year: A Kaleidoscope of Faith
The Starting Point of Mystery in Time: God’s Gift
Advent: The Beginning and the End are One
Christmas: The Midnight Hour of Grace
Lent: A Springtime of Renewal for the Church
Christian Initiation and the Great Season of Lent
The Holy Week: The Popular Practices of a Sacred Time
The Triduum: The heart of the Year
The Great Fifty Days, Easter, and Pentecost
The Feasts of Mary
The Saints in Time: A Liturgical Gallery of Holy Ones
Ordinary Time