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MT323m Moral Theology: Modern Issues 3

Required Texts:

Catechism of the Catholic Church  ISBN# 1-57455-110-8 


Catholicism (New Study Edition) by Richard P. McBrien

Harper Collins, 1994            ISBN 0-06-065405-8


Our Moral Life in Christ - A complete Course.
The Didache Series  ISBN 978-1-890177-29-4


Media option: Discuss with the Dean of Students.


Catholic Moral Theology 24 lecture (CD or MP3 formats) by Fr Kenneth R. Himes, OFM.

available from: $79.00


Topic Titles

  • The Study of Moral Theology Moral Imagination and the Importance of Stories
  • More on Stories and Moral Living
  • Duties, Journeys, and Relationships
  • The Source of Moral Obligation
  • Biblical Insights regarding Morality
  • Biblical Insights (cont'd)
  • The Influence of Faith and Prayer
  • Moral Freedom and Moral Character
  • Conscience: Directing our Freedom
  • Conscience (cont'd)
  • Conversion: Deepening our Character
  • Conversion (cont'd)
  • Sin: Misusing our Freedom
  • Sin (cont'd)
  • What is a Person?
  • What is a Person? (cont'd)
  • A Person in Community
  • Thinking with the Church
  • Thinking with the Church (cont'd)
  • The Bible and Moral Theology
  • Moral Principles: Where Do They Come From?
  • Moral Principles: What Are They?
  • Making a Moral Decision



Selected Case Studies handouts provided by instructor.