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Courses of Studies Textbooks Listing by Course Number and Title.

Textbooks for all courses are selected in view of their lasting value as part of the cleric's personal library.

Textbooks for all courses are subject to change prior to the beginning of the course.
Students should not purchase books before receiving the current course syllabus as approved by the instructor.

SD381 Pastoral Counseling & Spiritual Direction 3

Required Texts:

David A. Seamands, Healing Damaged Emotions ISBN# 0896939383

David A. Seamands, Putting Away Childish Things: Reaching for Spiritual & Emotional Maturity in Christ ISBN#0893672440

Geunther, M. (1992). Holy Listening, the Art of Spiritual Direction
ISBN# 1-56101-056-1

Lukas, S. (1993). Where to Start and What to Ask ISBN# 0-393-70152-2

Eugene Kennedy, On Becoming a Counselor ISBN# 0824519132