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The Book of Revelation


Required Texts:

Catherine A. Cory, The Book of Revelation (New Collegeville Bible Commentary) ISBN# 0814628850


Required Texts: (As required for all New Testament courses. )

The New American Bible. Saint Joseph Edition ISBN# 0-89942-965-3

Oscar Lukefahr, A Catholic Guide to the Bible ISBN# 0-07648-0201-1

Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament ISBN# 978-0-300-14016-3

The Collegeville Bible Time-line ISBN# 0-8146-2275-5

Media Option Available from:

(discuss with Dean of Studies):

Revelation (Buby)
Audio CD, MP3 Lecture Topic Titles
An Introduction to the Book of Revelation 
Jesus Reveals Himself to John of Patmos 
John of Patmos Addresses the Seven Churches in Asia Minor 
The Opening of the Scroll of Worship 
Continuation of the Vision in Heaven and the Opening of the Seven Seals 
The Seven Trumpets 
The Woman: A Sign of God's Glory and a Victory Over Evil 
The Famous 666 The Seven Final Plagues 
The Seven Bowls in the Fifth Septet 
The First of Seven Sights in the Last Septet 
Heading Towards Heaven with the Visionary