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Textbooks for all courses are selected in view of their lasting value as part of the cleric's personal library.

Textbooks for all courses are subject to change prior to the beginning of the course.
Students should not purchase books before receiving the current course syllabus as approved by the instructor.


The Gospels 3

Required Texts:

The Gospel According to Luke: New Testament. (New Collegeville Bible Commentary).
by Michael Patella ISBN-13: 978-0814628621

The Gospel According to Mark (New Collegeville Bible Commentary).
by Marie Noonan Sabin ISBN-13: 978-0814628614

The Gospel According to Matthew (New Collegeville Bible Commentary).
by Barbara E. Reid ISBN-13: 978-0814628607

Gospel According to John And the Johannine (New Collegeville Bible Commentary).
by Scott M. Lewis ISBN-13: 978-0814628638


Required Texts: (Required for all New Testament courses.)

The New American Bible. Saint Joseph Edition ISBN# 0-89942-965-3

Oscar Lukefahr, A Catholic Guide to the Bible ISBN# 0-07648-0201-1

An Introduction to the New Testament (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library)
by Raymond E. Brown ISBN-13: 978-0300140163

The Collegeville Bible Time-line ISBN# 0-8146-2275-5

Media Option Available from:

(discuss with Dean of Studies):

The Jesus of Scripture (Senior)
DVD, Audio CD, MP3 Lecture Topic Titles
The Jesus of the Scriptures: Introduction
The Gospels as Portraits of Jesus
The Origin of Jesus and His Identity as Son of God
Jesus and His Disciples
Jesus the Healer
Jesus as Teacher
Jesus the Prophet
Jesus the Christ
The Passion and Death of Jesus
The Meaning of Jesus’ Death
Jesus Risen
Beyond Jesus: The Risen Christ and the Early Church